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Fruit Free Water Filters!

At last!
Water filters that don't use coconut.

A few years ago, Dr. Zeff at the Salmon Creek Clinic realized that our most sensitive fruit intolerant patients were having a problem with their filtered water. 

Upon investigation, he learned that almost all water filters are made using coconut husks

These patients made do with a few kinds of bottled water or just tap water. 

Recently, we learned about ProOne® water filters. I contacted them and their water filters are made with carbon filtration technology that does not use coconut.

I purchased one of the filters for the clinic, and the filtered water was evaluated by Dr. Zeff.

This water IS FRUIT FREE!

It also tastes delicious, and filters out over 200+ contaminants. 

They have table-top gravity filters, ranging from your typical Brita filter that holds 0.40 Gallons up to large ones that hold 3 gallons. 

There are also systems to install into the plumbing of your house. The Whole House Systems range from showerhead, sink countertop or under-counter filters all the way to large systems that filter all of the water in your house.

So, if you have a fruit intolerance, and are looking for fruit free water or specifically coconut free water, this is a great option.

I have had positive experiences with their customer service and communication, and I think the filtered water is delicious. I hope you do too!

There are a few other sources for fruit free water to share. Bottled water we know of that doesn't have fruit are Box Water, Dasani, San Pellegrino, Perrier, and all European waters that come in glass bottles.

Another water filter that Dr. Zeff has tested is from a company called ZeroWater. However, I have not tried their filters and cannot speak to the quality of them.

The links on this page to ProOne are Affiliate Links. When purchases are made using them, I do receive a small commission, which helps me keep this site up and running. It does not increase the cost to you at all. Thank you!

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