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Downloadable one week meal plans with recipes and a shopping guide. Get started on your food intolerance today!

Meal Plans

One-week meal plans. Either the basic meal plan or one that is tailored to your food intolerances and preferences.

The basic meal plan that comes with your dietary counseling session covers many common meals. It is designed to help you adapt to your intolerances through adjustments to healthy meals that you likely already eat. If you don't want the counseling session though, and just want the meal plan with corresponding recipes that's fine.

If you want more meal ideas that take into account your preferences, or just another one week set of meals, we can do that too! The specialized meal plan can be for your intolerances, or can include those of additional family members. Recipes will be included.

For a meal plan, download the questionnaire, fill it out, and send it to Jessica at She will contact you via email.


  • Basic Meal Plan - $60

  • Specialized Meal Plan - $65-85

    • (Additional intolerances + $15 each set)

Pricing for the Specialized Meal Plan depends on complexity of your preferences. For example, not only your intolerances and types of foods you like or dislike but also avoidance of lectins, oxalates, etc.

*Please note, our specialty is the intolerances prescribed to you by your naturopath. Jessica is not a doctor, and does not give medical advice. All information and suggestions given are to support the dietary protocol recommended by your doctor.

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