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Food Product List

(COMING SOON!) Ongoing list of food products evaluated by our doctors. Subscription service.

The hardest part of following the intolerances is knowing which products we can eat. For some of them, like the fruit intolerance, reading ingredients isn't always good enough. Listing "spices" doesn't give enough information to know if the item has something that will bother you, for example. 

Even when we find products that work for us, companies sometimes change their ingredients. Whether to cut costs, because of a change in ownership, or another reason, sometimes a trusted product is suddenly not ok anymore. 

This section is an ongoing list of food products that have been evaluated by our licensed naturopathic doctors. Because it requires products to be purchased on an ongoing basis, this is offered as a subscription service.


As a member, you will have access to the food list, and shopping lists for the respective intolerances. You also get a 30% discount on foods that you want to have tested ($7 per item instead of $10). We will also send out e-newsletters to our members with updates about tested products.

$15 per month - Membership


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